Teknologi Flying Wagon (Kereta Terbang) Nabi Sulaiman AS

Menurut Al Qur'an Nabi Sulaiman AS diberi kelebihan yaitu ditundukkan angin kepadanya ...
QS 34:12
Sahih International
And to Solomon [We subjected] the wind - its morning [journey was that of] a month - and its afternoon [journey was that of] a month, and We made flow for him a spring of [liquid] copper. And among the jinn were those who worked for him by the permission of his Lord. And whoever deviated among them from Our command - We will make him taste of the punishment of the Blaze.

Menariknya dalam buku Kebra Nagast yang berasal dari Ethiopia terdapat banyak informasi mengenai kapal (Wagon) Nabi Sulaiman AS yang bisa terbang di udara ...

The Kebra Nagast

by E.A.W. Budge


And the Queen said unto Solomon, "Dismiss me, and let me depart to my own country." And he went into his house and gave unto her whatsoever she wished for of splendid things and riches, and beautiful apparel which bewitched the eyes, and everything on which great store was set in the country of Ethiopia, and camels and wagons, six thousand in number, which were laden with beautiful things of the most desirable kind, and wagons wherein loads were carried over the desert, and a vessel wherein one could travel over the sea, and a vessel wherein one could traverse the air (or winds), which Solomon had made by the wisdom that God had given unto him.

And they loaded the wagons, and the horses, and the mules in order to depart, and they set out on their journey prosperously, and they continued to travel on. And Michael the [Arch] Angel marched in front, and he spread out [his wings] and made them to march through the sea as upon dry land, and upon the dry land he cut a path for them and spreading himself out like a cloud over them he hid them from the fiery heat of the sun. And as for their wagons, no man hauled his wagon, but he himself (i.e. Michael) marched with the wagons, and whether it was men, or horses, or mules, or loaded camels, each was raised above the ground to the height of a cubit; and all those who rode upon beasts were lifted up above their backs to the height of one span of a man, and all the various kinds of baggage which were loaded on the beasts, as well as those who were mounted on them, were raised up to the height of one span of a man, and the beasts were lifted up to the height of one span of a man. And every one travelled in the wagons like a ship on the sea when the wind bloweth, and Iike a hat through the air when the desire of his belly urgeth him to devour his companions, and like an eagle when his body glideth above the wind. Thus did they travel; there was none in front and none behind, and they were disturbed neither on the right hand nor on the left.

And when the sons of the warriors of Israel saw that they had come in one day a distance of thirteen days’ march, and that they were not tired, or hungry, or thirsty, neither man nor beast, and that they all [felt] that they had eaten and drunk their fill, these sons of the warriors of Israel knew and believed that this thing was from God. And they said unto their king, "Let us let down the wagons, for we have come to the water of Ethiopia. This is the Takkazî which floweth down from Ethiopia, and watereth the Valley of Egypt"; and they let down their wagons there, and set up their tents.

Then the wagons rose up (i.e. resumed their journey) as before, and they set out early in the morning, and the people sang songs to Zion, and they were all raised up the space of a cubit, and as the people of the country of Egypt bade them farewell, they passed before them like shadows, and the people of the country of Egypt worshipped them, for they saw Zion moving in the heavens like the sun, and they all ran with the wagon of Zion, some in front of her and some behind her.
And the sea worshipped Zion. And whilst its billows were tossing about like the mountains their wagons were raised above the waves for a space of three cubits, and among the sound of the songs the [noise of the] breaking of the waves of the sea was wonderful.

And the King and his soldiers marched quickly, and they came to Gâzâ. And the King asked the people, saying, "When did my son leave you?" And they answered and said unto him, "He left us three days ago. And having loaded their wagons none of them travelled on the ground, but in wagons that were suspended in the air; and they were swifter than the eagles that are in the sky, and all their baggage travelled with them in wagons above the winds. As for us, we thought that thou hadst, in thy wisdom, made them to travel in wagons above the winds." And the King said unto them, "Was Zion, the Tabernacle of the Law of God, with them?" And they said unto him, "We did not see anything."

They reached there after a passage of three days on the Takkazî, the river of Egypt, and they were blowing flutes, and they travelled on wagons like the host of the heavenly beings. And those who saw them said concerning them, 'These, having once been creatures of earth, have become beings of heaven.' Who then is wiser than Solomon the King of Judah? But he never travelled in this wise in a wagon of the winds. And those who were in the cities and towns were witnesses that, when these men came into the land of Egypt, our gods and the gods of the King fell down, and were dashed in pieces, and the towers of the idols were likewise broken into fragments.

But King David, with his soldiers, and the armies of his soldiers, and all those who obeyed his word, ran by the wagons without pain or suffering, and without hunger or thirst, and without sweat or exhaustion, and travelled in one day a distance which [usually] took three months to traverse.

Informasi terakhir dari Kebra Nagast itu yang paling menarik karena agak mirip dengan informasi di Al Qur'an ... di Al Qur'an dikatakan perjalanan 1 hari sama dengan 2 bulan perjalanan biasa ... di Kebra Nagast dikatakan perjalanan 1 hari sama dengan 3 bulan perjalanan biasa ...
(Catatan: King David di dalam thread itu bukan Nabi Daud AS tapi David II anak Nabi Sulaiman AS dari Ratu Balqis)

Dari informasi Kebra Nagast ini saya pribadi mengambil kesimpulan bahwa kapal (wagon) itu tidak digerakkan dengan jin ataupun dengan kekuatan mukjizat Nabi Sulaiman AS tapi dengan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi yang didapat Nabi Sulaiman AS dari Allah SWT ...

"... a vessel wherein one could traverse the air (or winds), which Solomon had made by the wisdom that God had given unto him."

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